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“Your school and its flexible hours have enabled me to make a positive change for my future. After attending Vancouver School of Beauty for four months, I now have the state license in esthetics and a new job within the medical field. I am looking forward to shorter hours and working with people who appreciate what I have to offer them.”
— Colleen Staudinger
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Code of Ethics

  1. The primary objective of Vancouver School of Beauty is to prepare the student to meet the demands of today's profession.

  2. We endeavor to help our students develop his/her individual potential to the fullest.

  3. We endeavor to assist the student in gaining insight into the psychological role, which today's professional must play in society.

  4. We understand and apply the principles of ethical conduct.

  5. We keep in touch with salon owners and keep abreast with the ever-changing needs of the profession.

  6. We function in an employer-related environment by providing a scenario similar to a place of employment.

  7. We assist the student with good job-search techniques.

  8. We understand that education must be an ongoing process.

  9. We adhere to all state rules and regulations.

  10. We apply scientific solutions to professional problems, avoiding guesswork.

  11. We advertise truthfully, and make an honest representation to the student.

  12. We use the most current educational materials.
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