Your hair is one of the first things people notice (and judge you by) when they see you. Even if you have other eye-catching elements, such as new jewellery or fancy eyelashes, the final stop of the spotlight will still be your hair, especially if you’re having a really bad hair day. A professional hairstylist, such as Mow Hair, can help you figure out the hair style that best suits your personality and fashion sense.

Having a haircut is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and for one good reason—hair takes time to grow back. This means whatever hairstyle you select will stick with you for a while. Decisions can be made out of impulse, selecting a new hair style should not be one of them. Before booking into the salon, consider the following information.


For someone who is willing to bend over backwards to wear a head-turner hairstyle, cost shouldn’t really be an issue. The cost of haircuts vary from one salon to another. Most salons charge customers based on the complexity of their chosen hairstyle, on the level of expertise of the hairstylist, or a combination of both. This is why it’s important to find a salon that offers consultation prior to the actual haircut so you can get a personalised quote.


Although it’s tempting to have the long, layered hairdo you see on many celebrities, this may be difficult to manage on a daily basis. If anything, it may just get in the way of the things you really love doing. Or you might end up having dry, unruly and fragile hair simply because you don’t have the time to give it the attention it needs. When you’re choosing a hairstyle, consider your lifestyle needs and let your hairstylist know about them.


Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to keep or make your hair look as good as it did in the salon? If you can remember which products and tools they used to achieve that hairstyle in the salon, that’s what you should use every day just to keep it looking your best. Decide how enthusiastic you are about maintaining your hair each day before deciding on your new style.

Face Shape

Some hairstyles just won’t suit you because of the shape of your face. If you have a round face and you want your hair medium-length, it’s best to keep the length of the hair just below the jawline and have the mid-lengths and ends layered to keep the silhouette simplified. If you have a square face, on the other hand, a bob haircut that dips below your jawline may be the perfect option. If you want your hair long, it’s a good idea to have the layers cut into the ends to provide a counterbalance to your strong jaw.


Just as you wouldn’t want your health checked by someone you don’t trust, you shouldn’t let anyone touch your hair other than your personal hairstylist. Make sure your haircut is done in the salon you are 100% happy with and by an experienced professional hairstylist like those at Mow Hair on the Gold Coast.